Julie&Julia & Zodiac Ice-cream


Today I watched Julie&Julia for the 5th time ,its so beautiful to time travel .

I think being a half Pisces my mind is always romancing with fantasies of another time..after all Pisceans are old souls and deep inside I know that I have always Time Traveled . I am also half Aries “The infant of the Zodiac” so I do have a child like fascination for life and past and memories..but beneath all this nomadic utopia I am a staunch Aquarian well obviously by ascendant and I think its my aquarian-ism that gives my belief Faith, I mean aquarians are ruled by Uranus “The greek God of Sky” and today sky is equivalent to technology , I mean isn’t almost everything technical to do with the SKYNET A.K.A. Internet , lol yea I always find a connection but on a more factual note Uranus according to astrology rules logical thinking the “Left brained” technological mind ..so I conclude that because of this uranic connection I deep inside feel that Time Travel is technically possible !

Anyways talking about Aquarians I feel that they always seem to know the crux of the matter like how Sherlock Holmes would intuitively know the key to the mystery, like they have an extra sensory perception of things which seems logical, well mostly to them because to others they often seem eccentric, annoying and impossible , like they know in their soul how something will turn out and not in a woo woo intuitive way but an inexplicably factual way like my Aquarian dad who back in 1997 painted a wall in my room with electric shocking blue , now this is the time when pastels were still ruling the market and T.V, Soap sets were not flooded with Red Oranges and Burgundy walls , Oh and Ekta Kapoor had still not entered the scene with her bag of delusional crap , sigh… Happy Times, anyways so back to Electric Blue Wall , the first coat looked horrendous ,my mother and I just clenched each other’s hand and bit our tongues and the aquarian Hero just gave us a reluctant but assuring look and I sheepishly smiled , I mean with his unwavering aquarian convition what better choice did I have ? but just after the job was done it turned out splendid and classy , you see the whole room was a muted grey and the shocking blue wall actually added a lot of personality to the otherwise dull room and he dint just stop at that he painted small segments above the wall with a fiery orange that took the room to a different BOOMTASTIC level .

imageAnyways coming back to Julie & Julia there is just so much that I love in the movie , the constant time switches are beautiful , if you know me, you know of my crazy obsession with the 50’s and I get to see the detailed beauty of the era , their dresses , their mannerisms, their ignorance of the potent danger of smoking and of course their FOOD .What made it interesting was the stark contrast to our current gloomy robotic lifestyle that Julie lives , its a refreshing feeling to escape to the past. That had me thinking what would their zodiac signs be ?

Why Julia Child has to be a LEO

1.She has a fierce sense of self , even when she is an American in Paris all she can think about is to find an activity to keep her productive

2.She is very competitive and has a fragile ego , in her cooking class when the teachers mock her skills she cuts up and entire room of onions to showcase her expertise the next day , now that is a leo!

3.She is beaming with confidence and positivity, has an amazing social circle and is the center of that circle

4.She is very vocal about her likes & dislikes a typical unapologetic LEO

5. She reminds me of my mother “a leo” heheh thats good enough reason for me

6. What’s her favorite ice cream -I imagine Rocky Road because she is sweet with flavors of bitterness like the chocolate ice cream , has a fierce and hard core like the nuts but a very vulnerable and susceptible side like the marshmallows (oh BTW I also feel that even ice-creams have zodiac signs and I feel that Rocky road is a Capricorn ,you can tag me creepy now <rolls her eyes>

Why Julie is an Aries with a Taurus core


1. Julie is ever so fascinated with the fairy tale like charm of Julia’s life like she is her fairy god mother, every Arian I know is always fascinated with nostalgia , it could be art or stories or food

2.Now at first its difficult to see Julie as an Aries because of her coy demeanor but lets not forget her heavy Taurus traits , her extreme love for cooking and serving FOOD .

3.She is very vulnerable and a hyper sensitive and easily irritable just like the infants of the zodiac, remember her fights with her husband

4.She is a go-getter and very determined when it comes to her goals , she made sure she finishes the challenge despite so many obstacles.

5.She is gutsy in her own unique way , remember the difference in how Julie & Julia both handle their crustaceans,where Julia just ruthlessly goes for it , Julie feels sorry all the time but finally does it.

6.What’s her favorite Ice-Cream-I believe Almond praline cheesecake (maybe I invented the flavor),Arians are not excessively fond of pure sweetness their hot mars heads needs the salt , so the salted caramelized almonds give a salty punch to the smooth creamy cheescaky deliciousness , I think my aries is kicking in .

Lastly if you have survived the length of my post let me know what your zodiac icecream flavor is ?

That’s all for today

Signing off




I am putting out my thoughts with great courage , i still feel the fear of being judged and finally preached : How bad it is to be FAT and how i should have been careful and not done what i did to be what I am today.

But I am going to write this blog anyways , because its not about the outside noise anymore but about what truly matters to me.


“I think I am a pretty chubby wubby girl , who loves Food and Fashion”.

For a break I just want to be who I am now , yes I am overweight and i am trying to train myself into a healthier lifestyle , but i am not going to bog myself down anymore with what family , friends or people want me to be. Yes no doubt they all mean well and i truly appreciate it ,and by no means do i support or profess an unhealthy lifestyle but this constant preaching of how FAT is bad for me and how much better i can be once i loose weight is not letting me enjoy my present moment the way it was meant to be.

So today after another long phone call full of

you need to loose weight

join a gymn

don’t eat out

I felt drained , bitter and angry and like most of the chub-kins sailing in my boat i thought that my life is the most miserable in the world ( I know that’s not true) but that’s what i thought.So i again opened a bag of my trusty friend Lay’s masala and popped a big one in my mouth , Ah the dance the spices did on my tongue instantly made me feel better and with that crunchy munch i almost forgot the conversation , halfway down the bag of chips and already reaching out for my TV  remote now ,I asked myself a rhetorical question ” Why are you doing this to yourself ?”

Well like always I din’t have an answer , only a silent discomfort within,  that needed acceptance and Love .

So i dumped Mr. Lay’s and headed out for a walk , trying to understand what is it that’s holding me from adopting a healthy lifestyle and finally making the big dreams come true.

Well for sure the answer is simpler than i wanted to hear , its lack of self love , yes i know its written on almost every fat girl’s blog who has ever overcome the pounds so in that way I don’t really have anything new to say.

But i know that Acceptance is the first step towards change and i have made peace with my weight and my curves. Now before i decide to hit a gymn , i am going to show some love and acceptance to the inner me that has been tormented all these years not by the criticism it got from others but the constant criticism and comparison inside. I have realized that its truly not the judgement of others that hurt me but my ignorance to my own self that caused me all this pain.

So step 1 to feeling better

Buying some awesome clothes that are fashionable and look good on me , no more baggy Tshirts and kurtas.

After all every girl is a princess and she deserves to be treated well.

Mwah Princess !

Isha 🙂

Crash Course in being a Fruit Fly

Ok so Why a Fruitfly you ask ? Do you have any idea how awesome the life of a fruitfly is? I mean seriously


1. It parties all its life well basically on fruits with all its friends and then

2. Has an incredible orgy multiplies in seconds

3. Finally says tata to the world , dying on the sweet nectar of its love “The Fruit”.

Over indulgent ? YES but awesome .

I know its very random but if I could have a favorite pest it would be the fruit fly , while savoring a delicious juicy Summer Indian mango and of course fighting my claim with Ms. Fruitfly it got me thinking how awesome would it be if we all had that one privilege that the fruit fly has “a short life span”,what I mean by a short life span is the knowledge and belief that this is the only time available to you .

So here are

5 lessons learnt from a Fruitfly

1. Savor it like there is no tomorrow


Ok I won’t go all Master Oogway on you (kung fu panda reference , if you didn’t know) and I am not even close to living each day that way BUT the days that I do, its awesome ! See I know life isn’t perfect but when we are aware of each moment it kinda acts like a protective shield and you are not so vulnerable to the Drama Queen called life but its difficult to be in the moment all the time and that’s when the second point helps.

2. Find the fruit

Yes the legendary “Follow your passion”, see the fruitfly always finds the fruit ,one moment you’ve all chemical cleaned and room sprayed your home and the next moment there is a fruit partay going in that salad bowl,lesson learnt “Always find the fruit”,the most frustrating part sometimes is when you have yet not discovered your passion but be patient and repeat step 1 , gradually you will.Deep deep down we all know what we love even if its still a cloudy faint faraway concept , you know that you know !

3. Do it or Die trying

PERSISTENCE! isn’t that what the fruitfly is made of you shoo it spray it smash it but it keeps coming back and that is the same audacity that you should have when pursuing a goal , you started your diet and exercising and on day 4 fell sick and slipped? well buckle up and get going again ,you failed at this attempt? well no big deal learn from your mistake and do it right this time , there is always a second chance ,Just Do It (Yes deliberately going all NIKE on you)

4 .Make the move

Let’s accept it the fruitfly does not hesitate a second before approaching  others of it kind needless to say the orgy that follows multiplying into swarms in your kitchen then why do you second guess so much , whether its the connection that you feel with this man or the idea that you have been inspired with for a while when the intuitive nudge comes from within don’t hesitate  just act and take the plunge , least it will move you out of inaction.

5. Shit happens get over it

So the fruitfly gets all high on the fruit and had an orgy , 8 days later has 100,000 kids but its like “Eh,whatever come join the party kids”. See you are only human and bound to make mistakes but the longer you repent the shittier you feel about yourself , sabotaging your self esteem will only make it worse , so shake it off and move on even better find the humor in it.

That’s all for today

Signing off


As Beautiful As Your Work

Hey Gorgeous,

So last week I found an email about a bloggers contest by Tanishq titled “As Beautiful As Your Work “ a post about a woman who can fit the title , and I was instantly drawn to the title .

You know, I am that kind of girl who jumps at every opportunity she finds to motivate , inspire and entertain 😀 heheh ok ok enough of beating my own trumpet .

But the most important question was who would this woman be ? who would be the heroine of my post ? and instantly I was brimming with a feeling of certainty and pride for the picture that came to my mind.

Yes I knew it for sure that its going to be her .

I come across so many inspiring women every single day be it on the internet or real life , from Mother Teresa to my house maid everyone is making this world a better place to be , But sometimes some stories just touch you a little too deep to be forgotten and occupy that little corner in your heart forever.

For me its Lizzie Velasquez  .




Lizzie was publicly labeled “The Ugliest Woman in the world” in a Youtube video that received more than 4 million hits , every single day Lizzie was bullied online and offline , often referred to as “it” .

People from all across the globe would make rude remarks on her

“please die” , “yuck! what did I just see” , “Don’t spread your genes”……  are just a few amongst the countless hurtful and undignified comments she received every day.

Lizzie has a medical condition so rare that only two other people in the entire world are known to have it , she has Zero Percent Body Fat  and has never weighed more than 27 Kgs even at the age of 23 , she has to eat every 15 minutes if she has to survive.

I can imagine how hard life would be for her but Lizzie is far stronger than she looks , she did not let any of those things stop her from living her dream , she beautifully turned her weakness into her strength , conquered the biggest fear of human kind “fear of public speaking” and became a motivational speaker and a successfully published writer.

Today Lizzie does numerous seminars spreading awareness about her condition and most importantly helping countless women to believe in their inner beauty , I have been specially touched by her as I am over weight and would always feel ugly inside but she taught me that the only quality that you need to be beautiful is a heart full of LOVE .

It must have been so much easier for her to act like a victim and loathe in self pity like most of us do , but instead she took the road less travelled and loved herself  even more than ever , she not only forgave all the bullies instead looked them in the eye with a smile and said “Hi I am Lizzie , maybe you should stop staring and start learning” She wrote two very successful books

Lizzie Beautiful, The Lizzie Velásquez Story

Some people prove to the world by their work that its not LIFE that is unjust but your own attitude towards yourself that makes it so , you are the sculptor of your own life and the thoughts that you choose for yourself can either sculpt you into a phenomenal piece of art or a clump of nothingness , I think Lizzie is the most perfect match to the statement  “As Beautiful As Your Work “

Its a great initiative that Tanishq Mia has taken to appreciate and bring together such inspiring  women and given them a platform to share their success stories . Oh and i LOVED the commercial 😀

Princess Love

Mwah !


Perfume Post : Part 1- My First Impression Versace Bright Crystal

Hey Gorgeous,

Out of all the senses , for me its the sense of smell  that out does the others , since childhood I had a huge fascination with perfumes , so I am starting a series of posts on my first impressions on some of my favorite fragrances .

My first impression :

So this one is flirty fun and loud , demanding attention in a room full of people, just like a teenage girl .

Of course the bottle cannot be ignored with the big bling cap on top .This is a fresh morning scent the one I love to wear to work ,  floral semi fruity settles on Amber.

Very girly but definitely not feminine .The memories this scent invokes in me are that of a bubbly smiley happy adventurous teenage girl ready to conquer the world , she is sweet innocent and courageous more like The FOOL from the TAROT.

The only drawback is that the smell fades pretty soon maybe in like 3-4 hours , but despite that it fades on a note of Amber that I LOVE.

I will definitely buy it again.


Top notes : Pomegranate, Yuzu and frosted accord.

Mid Notes : Peony and magnolia , Waterly fresh lotus

Base Notes : Amber note extracted from plants, musk and red woods.

Designer :  Alberto Morillas in 2006.

Princess Love

Mwah !


This line also has

Versace : Crystal Noir

Versace : Yellow Diamond

How makeup lifted my mood and boosted my confidence !

Hey Gorgeous,

I just love reading Fashion magazines and watching all the makeup and clothes and the pretty models , with that perfect figure flawless skin and carved features , but if I do that for too long i start seeing myself as so imperfect .

All I can see is my dark circles and frizzy hair and double chin , that doesn’t make me feel good at all.

But am i going to let a magazine decide if I am pretty ?

There is a thin line between getting inspired and intimidated , its always a choice , where inspiration can mobilize you to take the  right step , intimidation can paralyze you.

So stay Inspired stay Happy !

Hope you all enjoy !



So I took out my makeup bag and here is what i created 🙂

Eat Water for glowing skin !

Hey Gorgeous ,

So recently i traveled to Hyderabad in south India  and the hot and dry weather here is taking its full toll on my skin and drinking water is just not enough no matter how much water i drink i feel i still can have more not to mention i have to run to the rest room more often flushing it all down in no time .

As the old saying goes ” Excess of anything is bad ” , my obsessive compulsion to keep my body hydrated for that flawless glow i was gulping down lots of water resulting in swelled up feet due to water retention. So I came across an interesting article that talked about the intake of water in a form that it can be retained longer and absorbed better by the body with added nutrients and its no rocket science you probably guessed it by now. Eating water in the form of watery fruits like oranges , lime , grapefruit , watermelon , musk melon , cucumber , apple and many more.

here is a small list that shows what all additional benefits you get apart from water when you consume the following foods , also in descending order of the water content

Info source : http://www.thefruitpages.com/contents.shtml

Food  substance = 100 g.


water vit.A vit.C
kJ/Kcal  % ug mg
Tomato 48/11  97 140 15
Lemon 51/12  96 0 40
Melon, Red Water 153/36  93 30 6
Carrots 48 /11  92 312 2
Papaya 136/32  91 40 46
99/23 91 10 60
Red Bell Pepper
119/28  91 172 80
 156/37  91  0 40
Grapefruit, Red
128/30  90 0 40
Melon, cantaloupe
122/29  89 7 32
68 /16  89 0 15
151/36  89 15 7
170/40  88 0 30
Passion Fruit
158/37  88 125 23
Mandarin / Tangerine
177/42  88 12 30
153/36  87 420 5
198/47  87 2 49
221/52  86 40 10
201/47  86 0 4
170/40  85 30 150
207/49  84 2 15
177/42  84 18 5
211/50  84 20 25
Kiwi Fruit
168/40  84 5 70
255/60  84 210 53
274/64  83 0 3
343/81  82 10 7
289/68  82 160 55
323/76  82 0 39
325/76 81 260 16
523/126  81 20 17
 306/72  81 30 218 
204/48  80 0 10
340/80  80 10 3
375/88  76 3 10
586/142 75 50 0
1275/300 20 0 0

Now i don’t profess replacing water with fruits , that would not be a good idea but i am only encouraging to add more water to your day by increasing the intake of watery fruits , this way you get the goodness of all the nutrients in it , the water gets well absorbed by the body and body stays hydrated without u needing to rush to the restroom that often.

The effect is for all to see on your glowing skin and healthy hair , so stay safe this summer and stay hydrated and glowing .  🙂