Winter time Skincare & childhood memories

Hey guys ,
Since its so cold now and i feel so cozy snuggling up at my home with scented candles and Irish tea i thought of making a skincare video and also share memories from childhood , growing up in Lucknow the bonfire and all the little anecdotes.

Hope you all enjoy !

Love Mwah !



My Guilty Pleasures : my very first Makeup & Perfume Haul

Hey Gorgeous,

So here is my very first makeup haul , whoever started the whole haul thingy was a genius

I feel that there is only one thing more thrilling than shopping and that is the post shopping haul and excitement of showing the products to your friends 😀

So enjoy this bit here



Part 1 – Perfume Haul

Part 2 – Makeup Haul

Perfume Post : Part 1- My First Impression Versace Bright Crystal

Hey Gorgeous,

Out of all the senses , for me its the sense of smell  that out does the others , since childhood I had a huge fascination with perfumes , so I am starting a series of posts on my first impressions on some of my favorite fragrances .

My first impression :

So this one is flirty fun and loud , demanding attention in a room full of people, just like a teenage girl .

Of course the bottle cannot be ignored with the big bling cap on top .This is a fresh morning scent the one I love to wear to work ,  floral semi fruity settles on Amber.

Very girly but definitely not feminine .The memories this scent invokes in me are that of a bubbly smiley happy adventurous teenage girl ready to conquer the world , she is sweet innocent and courageous more like The FOOL from the TAROT.

The only drawback is that the smell fades pretty soon maybe in like 3-4 hours , but despite that it fades on a note of Amber that I LOVE.

I will definitely buy it again.


Top notes : Pomegranate, Yuzu and frosted accord.

Mid Notes : Peony and magnolia , Waterly fresh lotus

Base Notes : Amber note extracted from plants, musk and red woods.

Designer :  Alberto Morillas in 2006.

Princess Love

Mwah !


This line also has

Versace : Crystal Noir

Versace : Yellow Diamond