How I contoured my face & handled cyberbullying :)

Facebooking tweeting instagrammin our pics is something we girls just love doing all the time , and i just love all the likes and comments i get on my pictures.

but sometimes some people get so mean with their rude comments

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well i have a chubby round face and i dont think there is anything wrong with it but there are ways to make it look more defined so today i am going share with you a few tips on contouring and highlighting in this video

Products used :

Mac concealer nw 30
Mac mineral matte bronzer
Maybelline’s dream mousse liquid foundation
Maybelline’s colossal kajal
Lancome labsolu nu
Lancome definicils
Lancome blossoms edition eyeshadow pallette

About Lizzie Velazques ( she is a hero )

Lizzie Velazquez

Twenty-three-year-old Lizzie Velasquez was born without any adipose tissue — meaning she has no fat on her body.

As a result, she weighs just 58 pounds , even though she eats as many as 60 times a day, the Daily Mail reported. she has been the subject of cyberbullying and stares when she walks out in public.Some cyberbullies even dubbed her the “ugliest woman in the world,” because of her appearance due to her medical condition…

Princess Love !




How to talk with your eyes : Sexy eyeliner makeup tutorial

Smart girls always talk with their eyes,so who needs words when your eyes can do all the talking. A makeup tutorial on creating sexy magnetic eyes.

Products i used:

Lakme Art pen liner
Maybelline colossal kajal
volume million lashes mascara loreal
Vega brushes
Lancome blossom palette white eyeshadow
False lashes from belle

How to choose the right mascara for your lashes

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How makeup lifted my mood and boosted my confidence !

Hey Gorgeous,

I just love reading Fashion magazines and watching all the makeup and clothes and the pretty models , with that perfect figure flawless skin and carved features , but if I do that for too long i start seeing myself as so imperfect .

All I can see is my dark circles and frizzy hair and double chin , that doesn’t make me feel good at all.

But am i going to let a magazine decide if I am pretty ?

There is a thin line between getting inspired and intimidated , its always a choice , where inspiration can mobilize you to take the  right step , intimidation can paralyze you.

So stay Inspired stay Happy !

Hope you all enjoy !



So I took out my makeup bag and here is what i created 🙂