Hairmask to prevent HAIRFALL

Hey gorgeous,

So the cold weather has been a Biatchh lately , striping my hair of moisture making it coarse and finally resulting in hairfall , now I am not going to lie to you but I was extremely skeptical trying out this mask as i had tried like a hundred DIY recipes that dint work that well , but as i had all the ingredients lying in my refrigerator i thought what the heck let me try and to my surprise the results were phenomenal , i dint even get one strand of hair in my brush and my naturally curly hair became so soft and defined not to forget the crown area was absolutely frizz free , I LOVE how this mask makes love to my hair and i will make sure they make love pretty often hehehe.

Love my hair <3

Love my hair ❤

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Monsoon Haircare : No more frizz this rainy season

Hey Gorgeous,

Has the GOD of thunder unleashed his wrath on you as well and made your hair frizzier than ever before well lets combat that frizz by mixing a few ingredients in our kitchen and showing him there is nothing that a wonder woman can’t do .


Princess Love
Mwah !

Get Super soft hair and control hairfall with DIY sexy hair pack

Hey Gorgeous,

You know what! recently i stumbled upon my mom’s diary from 1982 , i was surprised to see that even my mom used to be so much into  DIY remedies for skin , hair even cough and cold lol , i think she noted them down from my grandma , so you can think of it like a family lineage passed on heheh.

Lately there has been so much work and stress that i started loosing hair at the drop of a hat , i was so worried but this diary came to my rescue at just the perfect time and i found an amazing strengthening pack for hair that not only stops hairfall but also makes your hair extra soft and shiny , I could see the difference in my hair right from the first use , needless to say the third time i could considerably see a difference in my hair texture , softness and shine and guess what not just me but all around me started noticing it and complimenting me on how healthy my hair looked.

So this is the magic pack:


This should be more than enough for mid to long hair , if you have short hair you might want to make it half of what the quantity is suggested here

1 whole egg ( better if high protein )

1 1/2 tsp olive oil ( you can use any other oil as per your choice )

3 tsp of milk

juice from 1/2 lime

1 vitamin E capsule

I am using one whole high protein egg

Extra virgin olive oil

Milk hydrates the hair follicle

Lime not only softens hair but also keeps dandruff away

Vitamin E capsule ( I am using Evion )

How to make it :

First mix the oil and lemon juice together , then add the milk and break open a vitamin E capsule and finally add the egg, whisk till it becomes frothy ( like how you make it for a fluffy omelet )

Make sure your hair are de-tangled as you don’t want to have knots in your hair when the pack dries . Now massage this mixture onto your scalp make sure you cover each and every part of your scalp , then move onto mid lengths and finally the tips . Make sure your entire head is soaking wet in this pack.

After a good 10-15 minutes of massage just tie your hair up and let it dry a little for another 10 minutes.Now wash off the pack with cold water ( remember if you use hot water the egg will fry out in your hair and get stuck as tiny stinky pieces) you don’t want that to happen right ?

Now use a mild shampoo and a good deep conditioner and towel dry your hair , once your hair are completely dry detangle using a wide tooth comb and then fearlessly style the way you like.

Trust me girls this hair pack does magic to even the wildest hair on earth , you will feel the texture softness and shine all enhanced and you won’t stop touching your hair and rubbing your face against it and yes ! don’t worry you can smell your hair coz the lime doesn’t let the stinky egg survive .

So flaunt your strong and shiny hair and this pack will also keep dandruff at bay.

I would love to know , how this pack worked for you , so don’t forget to leave your comments , see ya again 🙂

Love yourself