How to get instant glow on your skin – homemade remedy

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What is the first sign of being in Love ?

Thats a no brainer… you instantly get a rosy glow , right ? but why wait to fall in Love for that glow when you can have it right this instant , just by churning 2 ingredients in your own kitchen .

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Do let me know how this worked for you ?

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Reduce facial hair and whiten skin with Ancient DIY indian ubtan

But i want instant glow like in 10 minutes !

ok try the instant glow tip here 

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I know there is one thing we hate more than PMS…… and thats FACIAL HAIR . Hair look good in only the right places and on the face less is more. So what if you have facial hair , are you gonna let it ruin your confidence , well I say NO .

Do you know in India we have an ancient tradition where a new born baby would be massaged and scrubbed with amazing homemade scrubs and oils for almost 2 years , and then while growing up she would not get hair at all , even if hair would grow they would be very soft and same colour as the skin.This was also very popular among the Indian queens & princesses of ancient and medieval times and it worked like magic that its news even spread to the middle east and even the persian queens would use their versions of the homemade scrub. This ancient indian scrub is called an ” UBTAN” and is still very popular in India.

Medieval indian queens would treat themselves with UBTAN every day for that flawless airbrushed glow.

So after childhood , this ubtan again  becomes very significant around the time of the girl’s wedding , every bride to be swears by this ubtan for flawless skin on her D day , but i say why wait till the wedding , don’t you deserve a pampering right away ?

So lets get straight to the point and get ready for some work ( which would definitely pay off in a while )

Ingredients :

100 gms. Red lentils ( masoor dal )

50 gms. Sandalwood powder

50 gms. orange peel powder

50 gms. charoli ( chironji ) / if you don’t have charoli you can substitute it with unsalted pistachio

Masur Dal ( Red lentil ) Source:

Sandalwood powder

Orange peel powder : Source for this image

Chirongi is a nut very rich in fatty acids good for a glowing complexion Source for the image :

This is how your final product must look after being soaked in milk , don’t worry if its not as smooth as this it will still work fine , I achieved this consistency by soaking the mix in milk overnight and keeping it in a refrigerator

How to make it :

Grind all the above ingredients together and sieve it so you get a fine powder, you might have to do it 4-5 times ( grind sieve , grind sieve …) till everything is super smooth and powdery.

Now you can store this mix in an airtight container and it goes on for months.

Use it atleast thrice a week for best and fast results , for one time use ,mix one tsp. of this mixture with 3-4 tsp. of milk , and let it soak in the milk for about 15 mins ,although best consistency is achieved if you soak the mixture in milk overnight and refrigerate , once the mix feels velvety to touch , start applying this thick paste to your face , spread it well and then let it dry for about 15-20 mins.

Now scrub off the dried layer using gentle circular motions , you might have to use a little olive oil  while scrubbing as the mix really sticks on to the facial hair , so the scrubbing motion pulls away the hair also making it finer , just be careful not to pull the leftover stuck in your hair too hard , make sure you use good amount of olive oil so it comes off easily or you might have a follicle infection ( well it rarely happens , but its good to be informed right ? )

Once done wash off your face well with cold or lukewarm water as the weather demands and don’t forget to tone your skin with a cotton ball soaked in rose water , you don’t want any ubtan to be left in your skin or pores .

Now apply a good sunscreen and use a good moisturizer to seal in the softness and glow and you are good to go.

Now i don’t promise that this is a magical potion but i can definitely assure that with regular use you can expect thick hair to become fine and finally vanish over a span of 3-4 months.Also this pack is known to lighten skin and give a natural glow.

Smart tip : Potatoe juice is a natural bleach and if used with honey tends to lighten the color of thick coarse facial hair .

So hope you benefit from this DIY homemade remedy to get rid of facial hair , please let me know if it worked for you , see ya later with some more ancient secrets from my granny’s diary , luv ya gurlz mwah !



Smile coz you have an oily skin :)

Hey Gorgeous,

How is this crazy weather treating your skin ? well if not good its time to wear our ninja masks and combat it with DIY homemade recipes. Hmmm so this time of the year , when the weather is as unpredictable as your mood when you are , our skin requires extra attention , love and care .

So in my last post I came up with this amazing homemade Rose scrub that restores moisture into your skin while scrubbing away the dead cells , and also smells amazing , incase you want to have a look just click here

But today’s post is for all the gorgeous dolls out there who have an oily skin . Since summer is approaching I can totally understand your concern of looking too shiny in pictures taken with friends , and all your lovely makeup getting swept out with the excess oil , and the breakout and pimples i know you don’t even wanna think about it .

But do you know one big benefit of having an oily skin , well people with oily skin are 30-50% less prone to premature wrinkles and aging , do you even understand the advantage of that ? If you start taking care of your skin even in baby steps you can look much younger at your 45th birthday party when all your other friends would seriously need a botox ……well just kidding , I love aging naturally . But its easier to get a dewy finish glowing skin if you have an oily skin instead of a normal or dry skin .

Before you indulge in a homemade remedy its important to identify what oily skin type you are ?

  • Type 1SENSITIVE OILY SKIN :  if you are a type 1 then your entire face remains oily , specially the T-zone and the jawline , you also tend to have a breakout at the back of your neck and the entire face , also your skin is very sensitive and even the mildest of products can make it extremely dry and later heavily oily.
  • Type 2OILY AND DRY : if you are a type 2 , then your skin stays oily majorly in the T-zone and the cheek becomes exceptionally dry 

So here is how you can control that excess oil and transform your oily skin to a healthy glowing skin .

For Type 1 oily skin – Sandalwood fuller’s earth and honey pack

Ingredients :

  • 1/2 tsp Sandalwood powder ( chandan powder ) – easily available at any grocery or organic beauty store
  • 1/2 tsp Fuller’s earth ( multani mitti ) – easily available at any grocery or organic beauty store
  • 1 1/2 tsp honey ( organic or raw  is better )
  • 2 tsp rosewater

Sandalwood powder

Multani mitti ( Fuller's Earth )

Honey ( organic or raw preferable )

I am using Dabur Gulabari rosewater

How to make it :

Just mix all the ingredients well , wash your face squeaky clean with a nice oil control facewash

I recommend :

Neutrogena’s oil free Acne wash

Clean and clear morning burst facial cleanser

and apply the pack with a soft flat brush or your fingers starting from the center of your nose , going outwards towards the cheek,chin and forehead.

Let it dry for about 15-20 minutes ( when it starts pulling your skin )

Wash off with cold water , later take a cotton pad/ball pour some rosewater in it and wipe your face off in upward stroke from chin to forehead , this will remove any residues from the pack that might have blocked your pores , make sure you wipe off your face clean specially around the nose area as the pores tend to be larger here.

Now finish off by applying some mattifying moisturizer with good SPF value , this will keep the oil away and protect your skin from the sun and excess secretion.

I recommend :

Clinique sun spf 30 face cream

Neutrogena pure and free baby sunblock lotion SPF 60

Lotus Herbals 3-in-1 matte look daily sunblock

For Type 2 oily skin – Cucumber lemon wheat flour pack

Ingredients :

  • Juice of one full cucumber
  • 1/4 tsp lime/lemon juice ( if you don’t like lime you can use orange or ripe tomato juice )
  • 1 tsp Rosewater
  • 1/2 tsp All bran flour.
  • 1/4 cup of milk and water mixed together in equal proportion ( don’t add this in the mixture this will be used while scrubbing the pack off )

cool cucumber

The citric acid in lime helps in controlling excessive oil secretion

All bran flour

How to make it :

mix all the ingredients except the milk and water  together to form a liquidy paste , more like a lotion , now apply using a soft flat brush or your fingers evenly starting from your nose and going outward in all directions towards your cheek and forehead and chin , now let it set for 10-15 minutes.

Once it starts drying out , make sure its not too dry or it’ll be hard to scrub it off,when its semi moist start scrubbing with your fingers , if it sticks to your fingers use the milk and water solution to make your hands glide smoothly , make sure you remove all the pack now wash off with cold water .

Later take a cotton pad/ball pour some rosewater in it and wipe your face off in upward stroke from chin to forehead , this will remove any residues from the pack that might have blocked your pores , make sure you wipe off your face clean specially around the nose area as the pores tend to be larger here.

Finish off with a light formulated moisturizer with UVA and UVB protection and good SPF value.

I recommend :

Neutrogena Fine fairness lotion with SPF 30

Ranbaxy’s Suncros Sunscreen lotion SPF 26

And remember to drink and eat lots of water , yes i mean EAT WATER in the form of fruits and veggies and salads as that water is completely retained by your body , where as just drinking water might not stay that long to give benefits as it gets flushed out. Also don’t step out in the sun without your sunscreen , i know it feels sticky sometimes but if you use the right formula it can transform your skin.

So enjoy the summers and flaunt your beautiful skin , also  let me know how these packs worked for you .

Take care


Acne marks ? Not anymore :) with DIY potato lemon honey spot mask

Hey my gorgeous dolls,

So what is that one thing that keeps revisiting you time and again and also leaves timeless impressions on you , well  sure for a lot of girls  i know , its their dreams and Acne marks lol.. well dreams and their impressions are more than welcome but Acne marks , nah not so much.

But do you know something funny , people with acne marks often are more conscious of their marks than others would notice , others might notice their cute smile or flirty haircut but all they can see is their marks 🙂 , well that has been the biggest irony of mankind , knowing how much more perfect we can become we never really enjoy what we are in the present moment , be it acne marks or love handles its all a part of you and you should not just embrace it but also flaunt it , because that’s YOU .

Sigh….I guess i again wore the philosopher’s hat , let me quickly wear my fashionista one , ahhh here it is 🙂

So lets see how we can show  love to our skin more by eliminating those bad boys ( acne scars ) using something as natural and next door like a potato.

We’ll make a DIY potato lemon honey spot mask ( we’ll use it only on the spots )

Ingredients :

Juice of 1 potato ( you can just grate it , squeeze it and sieve it )

Juice of 1/2 lime

1/2 tsp honey

1 cotton pad / ball

Lime rich source of citric acid and vitamin c

Juice from 1 potato , you might want to use it quickly as the juice oxidizes soon

Honey ( organic or raw preferable )

How to make it :

Mix the above three ingredients together and then soak a cotton pad in the mix , now apply this on your marks and the area around it , leave it on for a minimum of 30 minutes you might feel ticklish or slightly itchy ( but if its intolerable you might want to wash it off immediately and rub some cold milk or ice on the irritated area , well this is not to scare you but just warn you , i have rarely come across any cases where it becomes intolerable ) the itchy sensation happens because this mix is very high in its acidic value. After 30 minutes wash it off with cold water and apply some almond oil and then moisturize your face well , as this pack tends to dry out your skin , that’s probably one of the reasons why i dint recommend using it on your entire face , however if you are also seeking a fairer skin this is an amazing fairness pack too provided you mix it with some other soothing ingredients , maybe we can talk about fairness in some other post.

Use this pack thrice a week for at least a month , there is no instant magical potion to diminish acne marks unless you choose to wear a concealer 🙂 , but with regular use , you can expect great results and over a span of time you will get back the original even tone you had when you were a baby.

You must use this pack quickly as the potato juice oxidizes soon , and you’ll have to make a fresh batch every time but trust me your hard work will pay off.

How would it work ?

The lime is a very rich and natural source of citric acid , whereas potato has a host of different acids from phosphoric acid to ascorbic to phenolic and don’t forget the small amount of salicylic acid ( used in almost every acne control and spot correction product)  and all the amino acids , so if we go for a salon treatment with those babies in there , we are looking at a super expensive chemical peel costing you tons of money in multiple sittings.

But thanks to mother nature and local supermarkets its just a kitchen away from us.

So enjoy your beautiful skin and don’t forget to wear your sunscreen .

Cya Later 🙂