Natural remedies to grow longer thicker lashes

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Hey Gorgeous ,

I know that no matter how much we love batting those sexy lashes all doped with Mascara , the feeling to have naturally thick long and shiny lashes is unbeatable.

So here are a few remedies to make this dream come true .

Dip a Q-tip (Ear bud ) Apply raw unpasteurized milk to your lashes 15-20 minutes before you sleep and then wash off with cold water , apply a generous coat of castor oil and sleep on with them.

To make this even simpler I washed an old mascara bottle and filled it with castor oil , so now i have the wand to apply the oil and it doesn’t go bad , just make sure that the empty mascara  bottle is completely clean and so is the wand/brush. Use a small funnel to fill up the mascara bottle with oil or else it will be Mission Impossible 😛 , if you want you can also add a few drops of sweet almond oil and break open a capsule of vitamin e , but for me the castor oil works just fine .

I also noticed that after a week of use in the morning even after i washed my face my lashes would look noticeably sexy as in dewy and wet.

So hope to see you batting your natural long lashes.