My name is Isha and I am a hopeless romantic at heart
I am your average
chick flick loving
fashion gormandizing
cosmopolitan sipping
Mumbai girl who loves PINK shamelessly and is not embarrassed to admit it.
I am a sucker for “Sex and the City” (watched all the seasons 11 times and counting..)  and gorge on ELLE, VOGUE, COSMO, HARPER BAZAAR everyday.
that’s not all that is to me, deep down I am a monk and often you would catch me playing the hermit contemplating the deeper stuff that life is made of.
I meditate everyday and find comfort in the fact that there is a higher and very loving power looking over us all. Although its FASHION that fuels my drive I find my ZEN in Kabirdas,Rumi,Lao Tsu and many other living and ascended masters. If I was a movie character I would be Elle Woods from Legally Blonde fashionable ambitious romantic sensitive and an animal lover not to forget a go getter at heart who never says die.
I have an insane fascination for the bygone decades specially the 50’s with all the pretty dresses the winged eyes and the pin up hair styles but I feel myself most drawn to street style and splendid sartorial adventures of the blogging world.

7 Random facts about ME

1. At one point of time in my life I had 16 dogs.

2. Until the age of 17 I used to sit in front of the mirror and pretend to be a celebrity giving an interview 0_o …….OK I still do it , DAYUMM you people just see through things :-/ .

3. I treat perfumes like people ,wanna check out some of the stuff I’ve done ? see“Perfume Memoirs”

4. I secretly hate people who cant stop laughing at dumb jokes and send me essays on watsapp.

5.I like to eat my Maggi Noodles with lumps of masala in it.

6.I can never spell beleive believe right in the first go DAYUMM.

7.If I could choose the time and place of my birth I would choose to be born in the late 1950’s in New York.

7 Random Favorites

1. Favorite designer – ELIE SAAB  (International) PANKAJ&NIDHI (India)

2. Favorite TV show – I watch That 70’s show everyday before saying nighty night sigh… just something about the 70’s

3.Favorite Drink – Salted caramel macchiato

4.Favorite Quote – “You can tell how smart people are by what they laugh at “-Tina Fey

5.Favorite cartoon character – CANDACE from Phineas and Ferb , don’t judge me 0_o

6.Favorite Virtue – COURAGE

7.Favorite Flower –Ranunculus


About this Blog

If you are a girly girl with a streak of tomboyish charm, who is not just always glued to Pinterest and Instagram religiously updated with whats in and whats out but also has the talent to forecast upcoming trends (mainly coz you spent way too much time stalking the fashion week finds on POLYVORE)  if you are one of those girls who after entering a mall head straight to the cosmetics and perfume counter , who can never have enough of fashion magazines on her bedside table ,if you always have a fix for your zit or puffy eyes after a night of partying hard ,well WELCOME TO THE CLUB HONEY 🙂

 I started this blog to share and express my passion for life which could be any random awesomeness from Fashion&Styling,Makeup,Food & Random rants to Inspiration and Quantum physics basically anything and everything ME heheh talk about narcissism.
I would love to share whatever I know and discover on my path to self discovery
The only message I want to convey through this blog to all the beautiful netizens irrespective of their size , colour , skin type , ethnicity is that : Love yourself and express your individuality because God has created only one of your kind, never treat yourself anyway lesser than a queen/king , celebrate and rejoice every moment because you are YOU.





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