Julie&Julia & Zodiac Ice-cream


Today I watched Julie&Julia for the 5th time ,its so beautiful to time travel .

I think being a half Pisces my mind is always romancing with fantasies of another time..after all Pisceans are old souls and deep inside I know that I have always Time Traveled . I am also half Aries “The infant of the Zodiac” so I do have a child like fascination for life and past and memories..but beneath all this nomadic utopia I am a staunch Aquarian well obviously by ascendant and I think its my aquarian-ism that gives my belief Faith, I mean aquarians are ruled by Uranus “The greek God of Sky” and today sky is equivalent to technology , I mean isn’t almost everything technical to do with the SKYNET A.K.A. Internet , lol yea I always find a connection but on a more factual note Uranus according to astrology rules logical thinking the “Left brained” technological mind ..so I conclude that because of this uranic connection I deep inside feel that Time Travel is technically possible !

Anyways talking about Aquarians I feel that they always seem to know the crux of the matter like how Sherlock Holmes would intuitively know the key to the mystery, like they have an extra sensory perception of things which seems logical, well mostly to them because to others they often seem eccentric, annoying and impossible , like they know in their soul how something will turn out and not in a woo woo intuitive way but an inexplicably factual way like my Aquarian dad who back in 1997 painted a wall in my room with electric shocking blue , now this is the time when pastels were still ruling the market and T.V, Soap sets were not flooded with Red Oranges and Burgundy walls , Oh and Ekta Kapoor had still not entered the scene with her bag of delusional crap , sigh… Happy Times, anyways so back to Electric Blue Wall , the first coat looked horrendous ,my mother and I just clenched each other’s hand and bit our tongues and the aquarian Hero just gave us a reluctant but assuring look and I sheepishly smiled , I mean with his unwavering aquarian convition what better choice did I have ? but just after the job was done it turned out splendid and classy , you see the whole room was a muted grey and the shocking blue wall actually added a lot of personality to the otherwise dull room and he dint just stop at that he painted small segments above the wall with a fiery orange that took the room to a different BOOMTASTIC level .

imageAnyways coming back to Julie & Julia there is just so much that I love in the movie , the constant time switches are beautiful , if you know me, you know of my crazy obsession with the 50’s and I get to see the detailed beauty of the era , their dresses , their mannerisms, their ignorance of the potent danger of smoking and of course their FOOD .What made it interesting was the stark contrast to our current gloomy robotic lifestyle that Julie lives , its a refreshing feeling to escape to the past. That had me thinking what would their zodiac signs be ?

Why Julia Child has to be a LEO

1.She has a fierce sense of self , even when she is an American in Paris all she can think about is to find an activity to keep her productive

2.She is very competitive and has a fragile ego , in her cooking class when the teachers mock her skills she cuts up and entire room of onions to showcase her expertise the next day , now that is a leo!

3.She is beaming with confidence and positivity, has an amazing social circle and is the center of that circle

4.She is very vocal about her likes & dislikes a typical unapologetic LEO

5. She reminds me of my mother “a leo” heheh thats good enough reason for me

6. What’s her favorite ice cream -I imagine Rocky Road because she is sweet with flavors of bitterness like the chocolate ice cream , has a fierce and hard core like the nuts but a very vulnerable and susceptible side like the marshmallows (oh BTW I also feel that even ice-creams have zodiac signs and I feel that Rocky road is a Capricorn ,you can tag me creepy now <rolls her eyes>

Why Julie is an Aries with a Taurus core


1. Julie is ever so fascinated with the fairy tale like charm of Julia’s life like she is her fairy god mother, every Arian I know is always fascinated with nostalgia , it could be art or stories or food

2.Now at first its difficult to see Julie as an Aries because of her coy demeanor but lets not forget her heavy Taurus traits , her extreme love for cooking and serving FOOD .

3.She is very vulnerable and a hyper sensitive and easily irritable just like the infants of the zodiac, remember her fights with her husband

4.She is a go-getter and very determined when it comes to her goals , she made sure she finishes the challenge despite so many obstacles.

5.She is gutsy in her own unique way , remember the difference in how Julie & Julia both handle their crustaceans,where Julia just ruthlessly goes for it , Julie feels sorry all the time but finally does it.

6.What’s her favorite Ice-Cream-I believe Almond praline cheesecake (maybe I invented the flavor),Arians are not excessively fond of pure sweetness their hot mars heads needs the salt , so the salted caramelized almonds give a salty punch to the smooth creamy cheescaky deliciousness , I think my aries is kicking in .

Lastly if you have survived the length of my post let me know what your zodiac icecream flavor is ?

That’s all for today

Signing off



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