As Beautiful As Your Work

Hey Gorgeous,

So last week I found an email about a bloggers contest by Tanishq titled “As Beautiful As Your Work “ a post about a woman who can fit the title , and I was instantly drawn to the title .

You know, I am that kind of girl who jumps at every opportunity she finds to motivate , inspire and entertain 😀 heheh ok ok enough of beating my own trumpet .

But the most important question was who would this woman be ? who would be the heroine of my post ? and instantly I was brimming with a feeling of certainty and pride for the picture that came to my mind.

Yes I knew it for sure that its going to be her .

I come across so many inspiring women every single day be it on the internet or real life , from Mother Teresa to my house maid everyone is making this world a better place to be , But sometimes some stories just touch you a little too deep to be forgotten and occupy that little corner in your heart forever.

For me its Lizzie Velasquez  .




Lizzie was publicly labeled “The Ugliest Woman in the world” in a Youtube video that received more than 4 million hits , every single day Lizzie was bullied online and offline , often referred to as “it” .

People from all across the globe would make rude remarks on her

“please die” , “yuck! what did I just see” , “Don’t spread your genes”……  are just a few amongst the countless hurtful and undignified comments she received every day.

Lizzie has a medical condition so rare that only two other people in the entire world are known to have it , she has Zero Percent Body Fat  and has never weighed more than 27 Kgs even at the age of 23 , she has to eat every 15 minutes if she has to survive.

I can imagine how hard life would be for her but Lizzie is far stronger than she looks , she did not let any of those things stop her from living her dream , she beautifully turned her weakness into her strength , conquered the biggest fear of human kind “fear of public speaking” and became a motivational speaker and a successfully published writer.

Today Lizzie does numerous seminars spreading awareness about her condition and most importantly helping countless women to believe in their inner beauty , I have been specially touched by her as I am over weight and would always feel ugly inside but she taught me that the only quality that you need to be beautiful is a heart full of LOVE .

It must have been so much easier for her to act like a victim and loathe in self pity like most of us do , but instead she took the road less travelled and loved herself  even more than ever , she not only forgave all the bullies instead looked them in the eye with a smile and said “Hi I am Lizzie , maybe you should stop staring and start learning” She wrote two very successful books

Lizzie Beautiful, The Lizzie Velásquez Story

Some people prove to the world by their work that its not LIFE that is unjust but your own attitude towards yourself that makes it so , you are the sculptor of your own life and the thoughts that you choose for yourself can either sculpt you into a phenomenal piece of art or a clump of nothingness , I think Lizzie is the most perfect match to the statement  “As Beautiful As Your Work “

Its a great initiative that Tanishq Mia has taken to appreciate and bring together such inspiring  women and given them a platform to share their success stories . Oh and i LOVED the commercial 😀

Princess Love

Mwah !


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