How to get instant glow on your skin – homemade remedy

Hey Gorgeous ,

What is the first sign of being in Love ?

Thats a no brainer… you instantly get a rosy glow , right ? but why wait to fall in Love for that glow when you can have it right this instant , just by churning 2 ingredients in your own kitchen .

Watch the video here

Do let me know how this worked for you ?

Princess love ❀

Mwah !



19 thoughts on “How to get instant glow on your skin – homemade remedy

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  2. hey isha u rock. could u plz tell me something about dark circles under my eyes m sick of it and also for my premature grey hair. these two probs are like monsters of my life. plz do help me


    • Hey Asma,
      For dark circles do this everyday for 15 days
      cucumber juice 1 tsp
      potatoe juice 1 tsp
      honey 3-4 drops
      almond oil 2-3 drops
      vitamin e capsule 1
      green tea cold 6-7 drops
      apply this mixture on your lids and under your eyes and relax for 15 minutes if it tingles a little that’s normal just put ice cold cotton pads on top and after 15 minutes wash off properly and apply a good eye cream and sleep , ur dark circles will be gone in less than 15 days

      for white hair
      use dried amla juice (black in color for that u ll have to soak the dried amla in an iron pan overnight ) massage on ur roots and hair for maximum results add it to ur oil i prefer Olive and then after 30 minutes shampoo and condition like normal, also get a check up done and identify the real reason for hair whitening.


  3. Hey could u tell why use iron pan dosent iron start rusting wid water n also tell me do i have to apply it daily on hair???? Love u…Eagrly waiting…..


    • Hey Asma soaking dried amla in iron pan overnight is by far one of the oldest techniques practiced by Indian women since time immemorial to maintain kaale ghane baal heheh its from the vedas or something , the reality is that amla is rich in vitamin c and for our bodies to absorb iron we need lots of vit c so naturally the combination works , secondly once amla reacts with iron it oxidizes and turns black , so u need not bother about rusting at all , coz the black residue is what truly does the magic πŸ™‚ hope this explains it well


      • Thanks fr reply now I understand thankx once again n I knw I bother u alot bt u knw m in love wd old secrets u share. Plz tell me something abt darklips n also same quest do I hv to use this amla secret daily…………


  4. Hey asma using the amla mixture once or twice a week is good , for dark lips use milk cream gulaab jal mixed together massage daily for five minutes and then wash off , also while brushing ur teeth make sure the toothpaste is not resting on ur lips for too long coz the floride might darken ur lips


  5. Hey thnx u mentn green tea cold is it with sugar or without sugar n also almond oil ( i use vatika almond oil for hair) can i use it for dark circle recipe u stated above. Plz do reply me.
    N also tell me something abt dandruf n darken finger joints plzzzz.


  6. hi isha …m a huge fan…love ur remedies….now i hv had hormonal trubls fr d past few yrs nw coz of which i hv developed a reli reli bad uneven skin with hard hair growth on my legs…ingrown hair along with ugly open pores makes my legs look pathetic n i cnt wear dresses or shorts….also d skin on my back is very ugly owing to the acne marks/scars and also quite darker in complexion as comapred to the rest of my body….cud u plz suggest me smthg…!!!!


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