What MASCARA to choose if you have thin lashes

Thin Lashes ( Go with a Volumizing mascara and a Curved wand/brush )

If the length of your lashes is fine but they are too thin , then you should look out for Volumizing formulas , these formulas are usually dry and tend to cling on to the lashes without making them appear clumpy, some of these formulas often contain ingredients like panthenol and collagen which further build up on the volume , now using a curved wand would help curving the lashes easily as this will easily pick up those thin hair and coat them with mascara.

Thin to thick

Curved wand for Extra lift and curl

Mascaras with the above formulas :

Volumizing formula mascaras

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So you see its not a rocket science after all , just use the right formula along with the right tool and there you’ve got enormous flirty lashes to bat away at your date , and don’t forget that innocent eyebrow arch and a cute smile 😉

Stay Inspired Stay Happy

mwah !


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