How to choose the right mascara for your lashes

Hey Gorgeous ,

So after my first makeup tutorial on youtube ” It boosted my confidence – Simple makeup tutorial and tips “  that got great love from you guys 🙂 , i have been asked this question the most , what mascara would be best for my lashes ?

I am sure you will agree that there is nothing sexier than a sweet smile and flirty eyes and a beautiful set of lashes has a huge contribution to it , but when it comes to choosing the right mascara girls are always confused as there are so many options out there , so this article will guide you on choosing the right mascara formula for your lash type.

While choosing a mascara you need to look out for these two factors :

  1. What is the formula of the mascara ( as in its made for lengthening or adding extra volume ? )
  2. What wand/brush it has , the wand has an equally important role to play in making your lashes from faint to fab.

So basically there are three types of formulas of mascaras in the market

  1. lengthening
  2. Volumizing
  3. Defining

Choose your Lash type to go to the post

Zero Lashes

Short Lashes

Long Thin Lashes

Click to know about Natural remedy to grow thick long shiny Lashes

So Have fun flirting with those Lashes.



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