Reduce facial hair and whiten skin with Ancient DIY indian ubtan

But i want instant glow like in 10 minutes !

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Hey gorgeous,

I know there is one thing we hate more than PMS…… and thats FACIAL HAIR . Hair look good in only the right places and on the face less is more. So what if you have facial hair , are you gonna let it ruin your confidence , well I say NO .

Do you know in India we have an ancient tradition where a new born baby would be massaged and scrubbed with amazing homemade scrubs and oils for almost 2 years , and then while growing up she would not get hair at all , even if hair would grow they would be very soft and same colour as the skin.This was also very popular among the Indian queens & princesses of ancient and medieval times and it worked like magic that its news even spread to the middle east and even the persian queens would use their versions of the homemade scrub. This ancient indian scrub is called an ” UBTAN” and is still very popular in India.

Medieval indian queens would treat themselves with UBTAN every day for that flawless airbrushed glow.

So after childhood , this ubtan again  becomes very significant around the time of the girl’s wedding , every bride to be swears by this ubtan for flawless skin on her D day , but i say why wait till the wedding , don’t you deserve a pampering right away ?

So lets get straight to the point and get ready for some work ( which would definitely pay off in a while )

Ingredients :

100 gms. Red lentils ( masoor dal )

50 gms. Sandalwood powder

50 gms. orange peel powder

50 gms. charoli ( chironji ) / if you don’t have charoli you can substitute it with unsalted pistachio

Masur Dal ( Red lentil ) Source:

Sandalwood powder

Orange peel powder : Source for this image

Chirongi is a nut very rich in fatty acids good for a glowing complexion Source for the image :

This is how your final product must look after being soaked in milk , don’t worry if its not as smooth as this it will still work fine , I achieved this consistency by soaking the mix in milk overnight and keeping it in a refrigerator

How to make it :

Grind all the above ingredients together and sieve it so you get a fine powder, you might have to do it 4-5 times ( grind sieve , grind sieve …) till everything is super smooth and powdery.

Now you can store this mix in an airtight container and it goes on for months.

Use it atleast thrice a week for best and fast results , for one time use ,mix one tsp. of this mixture with 3-4 tsp. of milk , and let it soak in the milk for about 15 mins ,although best consistency is achieved if you soak the mixture in milk overnight and refrigerate , once the mix feels velvety to touch , start applying this thick paste to your face , spread it well and then let it dry for about 15-20 mins.

Now scrub off the dried layer using gentle circular motions , you might have to use a little olive oil  while scrubbing as the mix really sticks on to the facial hair , so the scrubbing motion pulls away the hair also making it finer , just be careful not to pull the leftover stuck in your hair too hard , make sure you use good amount of olive oil so it comes off easily or you might have a follicle infection ( well it rarely happens , but its good to be informed right ? )

Once done wash off your face well with cold or lukewarm water as the weather demands and don’t forget to tone your skin with a cotton ball soaked in rose water , you don’t want any ubtan to be left in your skin or pores .

Now apply a good sunscreen and use a good moisturizer to seal in the softness and glow and you are good to go.

Now i don’t promise that this is a magical potion but i can definitely assure that with regular use you can expect thick hair to become fine and finally vanish over a span of 3-4 months.Also this pack is known to lighten skin and give a natural glow.

Smart tip : Potatoe juice is a natural bleach and if used with honey tends to lighten the color of thick coarse facial hair .

So hope you benefit from this DIY homemade remedy to get rid of facial hair , please let me know if it worked for you , see ya later with some more ancient secrets from my granny’s diary , luv ya gurlz mwah !



174 thoughts on “Reduce facial hair and whiten skin with Ancient DIY indian ubtan

    • Hy di , my cousin di get so much less weight nd her age is 26 she is having 40 kg weight, nd she has married about 2 yrs before . She get nthing progree in her weight. Nd she also is not pregnent upto his marriage . Nd she also find that her hair are too much fall. Ples di give the better solution for her problem as soon as……ples di

      • Di , mere mummy ki skin boht delle ho gae h , nd her age 50 yrs , I know after 30 deere deere skin delle ho jate h , bt mein chate hu ki mere mummy smart dekhe , so tell what should she have to do , nd I her arms there r black spouts ,,,,,

  1. Thanx alott Isha … But I’m lil late in finding this :-/
    I’ve read a tip in some fb page , its –
    To soak 1 kg masoor dal in coconut milk Overnight and to dry it the other day in sun ..
    Then we gotta make powder of this dal and mix it with 250 grms of orange peel powder . And store this mixture in air tight jar and use it everyday . Make a Paste of it and apply to face , leave it for 15-20 mins and rub it off .

    Just now I soaked masoor dal in coconut milk :-/

    What I wanna know is … Is this tip efficient to use for this time ? Next time I’ll prepare the one u hav suggested . Please let me know of I could I make any changes !!!

    I also wanna know , can we apply this paste to entire face except eye area and lips ?

    Please please reply me …
    Thank you 🙂

    • Hey sumayya ,
      I don’t think soaking in coconut milk and drying would be any less effective than the one i suggested , since coconut milk is rich in natural fermenting enzymes that’ll help u make ur skin fairer , only concern i have is whether this mixture can be stored , as it might catch fungus faster , but if it works for you pls go ahead , also its safe to use on your entire face infact it leaves your skin silky smooth , 🙂

  2. sounds effective i’ll definitely use it.your style of writing is marriage is going to be taken after 2 months.i wanna whiten my arms hands and plz guide me in this regard as well.

    • Thanks a lot syeda 🙂 , to be honest i have yet not discovered a 100% effective therapy for whitening underrms , but the major cause of dark underarms is friction of skin , so to prevent it use lots of moisturizer in the morning and vaseline at night then scrub off daily with a bath sponge while taking shower also use a mix of potatoe juice , lemon juice and aloe vera once in every 3 days to make it go away , but again preventing it from coming back is the key to fairer underarms

  3. awsum 🙂
    isha,, i was worry abt my skin care due to bus routine in university and chngegng weathr
    my skin has turned blakish, so i was needing some useful and impresvv beauty tip
    though i use chornji ,, but rest of th ingrdnts u mentioned sound realy effectv 🙂

    • hey nmkjika , the whole point of orange peel is to reap in the benefits of high vitamin c content and natural citric acid , so switching it with lemon drops will be equally effective (but pls dnt overdo it ) fenugreek i am not sure

    • hey vidhya , sandalwood rarely gives an allergic reaction to people so i am not sure what really happens to you (if u feel dryness? 0 then u can skip it and just work with rose water , let me know more so i can help figure out a better ingredient for you 🙂

      • Hi isha, I didn’t use it but mom says sandalwood doesn’t suit me however wanna try and see this as I know Masoordal really works well on skin. Basically I have oily skin and the pigmentation from eyes till the mouth which shows as very uneven and also I have facial hair

  4. Hi Isha
    I have combination skin. Is this pack ok to use. Should we use raw pistas or the roasted nuts we get in market? Thanks I will try soon so please reply at the earliest . I don’t get sandalwood powder here. Is it ok to skip? Thanks

    • Hey Carol , it should be perfectly fine to use this pack as long as you make sure that you take it off well and tone well afterwards , pls dnt use roasted pistachios as they lack natural oils , also you can skip the sandalwood powder 🙂

      • Hi Isha
        Thanks for your prompt reply. I see you are from Bangalore. Where in Bangalore can one buy pure henna and some herbs. I will request one of my friend to get for me. She is in Bangalore at the moment. Secondly should use Chirongi available in packs at the spices section at Supermarkets? Chirongi /Charoli is the same thing right? Thanks in advance. Loves……Carol

      • Hey Carol,
        Yes chiroli and chirongi is the same thing , the little round nut available in the spice/dry fruits section of a grocery store . If your friend is in Bangalore she can pick up pure henna for you from any supermarket , i think there is a spice market in central mall bannerghatta ( not sure though if they sell pure henna there) , but for me the regular pre mixed one also works just fine , and I am currently in mumbai :), let me know if you would like to know how i make my henna hair pack for lustrous shiny locks 🙂 , will be glad to share

      • Hi Isha, Thanks for your reply she bought for me the pre mixed henna pack from the pharmacy. Well, would love to know your secret henna pack for hair. Thanks for being so kind in sharing. God Bless you dear.

      • Dear Isha…..where in Bangalore can we get sandalwood powder? My friend tried pharmacies they didn’t have it 😦 Now I will have to wait until someone next visits Bangalore and I won’t be able to try this ubtan 😦 ……u take care and enjoy Mumbai 🙂

  5. how to make powder with chiroli/ chironji???while grinding its becoming like thick paste…. please reply me thanku….

    • hey Anu , since chiroli is very rich in natural fats , the oil in the nut makes it like a paste but that is fine as long as u don’t mix water in it it should still be good to store in a dry airtight container 🙂

    • Hey Simran , yes you can use it (since its natural it will do no harm) but more important than that is to first identify why your arms and face is turning blacker , there could be several reasons 1. Sunburn and intensive taning 2. hormonal disorders and pigmentation 3. also if its the underarms then the simple reason could be friction between the skin . so make sure you identify the reason and then treat yourself accordingly , if its some hormonal imbalance then you should first consult a doctor , if its just tanning and sun then this ubtan will be very helpful provided you protect your skin with a sunscreen afterwards 🙂 , let me know if you need any more help

  6. Can this ubtan be applied to babies. My child is only a year old and has hairy skin all over. Can I massage her with this!

    • Hey Sudeshna , masoor dal will be too harsh for soft baby skin , so i wouldn’t recommend using that ubtan , instead to get rid of the hair you should use posta/khuskhus instead of masoor dal , but if u still want to use masoor dal make sure that it is very finely ground so its soft on baby skin

      • I actually do not have any idea. I. don’t want my baby facing the pain I face every time I go for the waxing. If posta / khuskhus serves the same purpose it’s absolutely fine with me. Thank you so much for the response and suggestion. Will try it definitely…

  7. whoah this weblog is great i like reading your articles. Keep up the great work!

    You know, lots of people are searching round for this information,
    you can aid them greatly.

  8. isha i want to ask u that with this ubtan can we use a mild soap or not and can it is equally effective for removing body hair or not

    • Hey Sujata , i think its a good idea to use soap with it since its summers now and the ubtan is very high in natural oils , for body hair removal i cant promise as it totally depends upon your body hair type if its thick and coarse it would probably not help but if its fine and soft it might help . also once we are fully grown up the body hair is inevitable unless some rigorous ubtan routine was followed during childhood

    • cut a lemon in half and then dip it in some sugar , scrub away atleast twice a week , also use a mix of potatoe juice,cucumber juice and almond oil after you wash away the scrub , leave it on for 15 minutes and then wash away , that should do the trick 😉

  9. Hi Isha, you have a really cool blog. May God bless you. I have a question about whitening dry skin: can I use this face pack : ubtan, ground neem, chandan, yoghurt, olive oil, honey, lemon/lime juice, rose water. Do you think this is a good fack pack to lighten skin tone ? Much thanks in advance 🙂

    • Hey Niki,
      i have not used the one you suggested myself , so not sure , seems like a good combo though except yogurt and olive oil together might be too much of moisture but if u have really dry skin it might work on you , the ubtan that i mentioned works amazing on dry skin also as it has lots of nuts in it 🙂 , let me know how yours turns out

  10. Hi Isha,
    My daughter is 5 and half and has wheatish complexion like her father.( I have a very fair complexion though) She also has lot of hairs above her lips. 1. What can i do to improve her complexion to fair. how often can I use the ubtan on her?
    2. Also I want to get rid of her upperlips hair ? How long approximately would it take to notice a significant difference in her facial hair if I start using ubtan ?
    3. Any particular food/ vegetable/ fruit/ pulses you would suggest to get a glowing fair skin ?
    4. Also she has dark knees and elbows ? how to get rid of it….

    Would appreciate if u reply…
    Thanks a lot in advance
    Muskaan 🙂

    • Hey Muskaan,
      If she is five her hair might be stronger than when she was younger so u will have to be patient , for upper lip also the same ubtan would work ,i’d say try for 3 months and see , for dark knees and elbows just chill she is just a kid and will have dark knees and elbows 🙂 , it will be fine once she grows up , and i personally love wheatish complexion its like honey , i am sure your daughter is very pretty 🙂

  11. hey isha i have a thick hairs on my chin
    i m doing waxing for it.. what can i do for making my hairs thiner and finer is there any recipe for apply after wax ? or should i do wax ? for use these recipes ? plz reply i m very upset

    • Hey Sana,
      once the hair become thick its very difficult to make it thin because the hair from the follicle itself has a defined thickness , but u can try a medicine from ranbaxy called eflora , but before u try it do proper research it is known to reduce the hair size and finally close the follicle so hair does’nt grow back , but it takes 3-4 months , take help from a doc and dnt get frustrated 🙂 every girl has some or the other problem , even i had chin hair will update you if this works for me

  12. Hey Isha,
    Love your article!!!
    Keep up the good work of sharing these tricks. I have been reading your articles for a while now. I thought of trying this ubthan but since I am in Canada, for almost a month I went crazy looking for Sandalwood powder. :/ Recently I went to New York, I finally found it at an Indian grocery store. I am able to use this face pack now, as I have a lot of coarse hair on the face and been anxiously waiting to try this face pack.

    One question though in regards to orange peels. Do you just peel them of the orange and blend or do you let the peels dry? Do they not become moist as you blend them? Should I dry them over night and then grind? Since the weather is very fluctuating here, 3 months of summer and rest is mostly winter.
    Thank you so much,
    Love AsH

    • Hey Ash,
      usually we get an orange peel powder at any ayurvedic store , but incase its not easily available there , you need to sun dry the orange peel till it turns hard enough to grind in the mixer

      • Oh thank you so much Isha for the reply!! I’ll try this and let you know how it goes!! Thank again! 🙂

  13. There are people here who want to know where to get herb powders that are not easily available in Bangalore so I’m telling you where to get them.
    Look for shops called Grandige Angdi or Grandige store(pronounced grun-dhi-gay). There is one in Sampige Road, Malleswaram and also near Shivajinagar and Yeswantpur.

  14. wonderful article Isha! thanks and this works well and one sees fantastic results in 4 months.Thank you. I have terrible acne on my face and it has scarred. I have used benzoic acid based ointments and retino A but no Luck. My skin is extremely sensitive to all oils. What do u recommend?

  15. Hi, While searching something, I stumbled upon your blog and I am glad that I did. 🙂

    Really liked the article. Facial hair have been troublesome. Now that I know what to do about them, I am sure gona try it and will let you know the results.

    Also, I needed to know, Can I substitute pistachio for something else?

    • Hey Neha,

      Glad u liked it here 🙂 , pistachios were recommended coz they contain good fatty acids that make the skin healthier and glow , but u can substitute it with any other nut of your choice like almond or walnut or even posta daana

  16. Hi Isha. My mother is applying charoli extract on my face daily. What effect is this going to have? Is it harmful to apply it daily?

  17. hi…. i have fine hair on my stomach… can i use this paste on my stomach? will it help? please reply… it would really mean a lot

  18. Thanks for the reply. Can u please tell me for how many months i will have to use this combination for the fine hair on my stomach to go away completely and also how many times in a week will i have to follow this procedure. Thanks in advance. 🙂

  19. hi, Nisha
    I just read ur tips and seems to be very effective,i have an 2 year old daughter with wheatish skin and little hair on her body,since it is heridity in my husband’s family i fear that it might grow more and even on her face as well.So please suggest me whether i can apply her the same ubtan paste.Please help me out in this and i will be very gratefull.

  20. My daughter is 5 yrs old and I just started noticing hair on her hands. Can I use the ubtan you have suggested and is it ok if I don’t use orange peel?

  21. Hello Isha,

    thanks for this artical. I did prepare the ubtan as you explained above.But the mixture didnt come out very fine though there are stlll some parts of massor dal which didnt mix well in the mixture,will that make any difference for the results I am expecting in 3-4 months.I am applying it at night and leaving the pack for about 20 mins.thanks for responding.

  22. Hi m gettin married in 2 months, I hav a dull uneven skin tone nd dark circles too, give me sum helpful home remedies or packs dat can solve my problem and add fair complexion and glow to my face.. And also wat uptan can I use?? Thnxxx

  23. hey..i want to get rid of my face spots.. plz let me know if u hv any gud homemade solution for dat.. wil be really greatful.. 🙂

  24. i used this ubtan and for scrubbing i used lil olive oil but as soon as i started rubbing it in circular motion, ubtan from that place just ”fell off”. what did i do wrong ?

  25. Hey isha, I want to know that my son is 5 months old and he does not have hairs on this body. I use malai and turmeric for his malish. Can I use this ubtan daily on him? He is fair on his face, but little darker from legs and back and stomach. Please suggest me. Thank u so much

  26. hey isha 🙂
    i want to know whether its effective in improving the complexion of hands feet waist and back??
    how much it will whiten it??

  27. Hello Isha,
    Thanks for the wonderful tips. My daughter is 7 years old and is quite hairy. Can i use this on a 7 year old? Thank you

  28. Hi Isha,

    I love ur blog. Ur tips are amamizing:)
    Can u pls suggest ubtans or skin care routines for newborn girls?

    Thank u.

    Waiting eagerly for ur response:)


  29. i made a face pack using masoor dal with chironji,pili (yellow) sarson and milk.
    on applying it i culd not bear the burning sensation even for 5 min. and had to wash immediately
    where did i go wrong?

  30. Hey isha thx for this awsm article. I have make this with orange peel. Pistachue. Masoor n sandal wood n do as u say bt my paste is not velvety to touch and it dosent stick to hair on face as well could u plz guide me what did I do wrong

  31. my 2 two kids
    61/2 month boy with liitle dusky complexion
    41/2 year girl with lots of hair on body
    is it safe for both
    aany alteration in ur ubtan according to their age, please inform me

  32. use wheat bran , raw milk , ground chironji excellent for kids gentle on skin yet removes hair and improved baby complexion 🙂 please let me know the quantity of each??

  33. Hi
    I am Muskan actutally i have started using this ubtan but i would like to know m feeling little burning sensation on my face please let me know if any thing is wrong??

    also for my baby u have suggested wheat bran,raw milk and choronji that is nice but let me know the portion.

    Thanks in advance

    Awaiting reply..

    Thank you

    • Hi Muskan,
      Sad to know that u feel a burning sensation although none of the ingredients are abrasive but to me it looks like maybe the orange peel powder would be the culprit so reduce the quantity to 1/10 th of what u were using or for sometime eliminate the orange powder completely instead replace with 1-2 drops of lime juice. for your kid wheat bran and chironji should be in 2:1 and use only as much milk as is required to make a thick paste .:) hope this helps

  34. Thank you so much dear now burning is not there as before was not applying olive oil that may be a cause but now i am fine due to pregnancy my is looking very dull so can you plz suggest me maximum how much i can apply this like u have suggested thrice a week but i am using it daily will this be ok plz guide.

    Awaiting reply Thank you…once again dear…

    • Hey Muskan,
      For dark circles do this everyday for 15 days
      cucumber juice 1 tsp
      potatoe juice 1 tsp
      honey 3-4 drops
      almond oil 2-3 drops
      vitamin e capsule 1
      green tea cold 6-7 drops
      apply this mixture on your lids and under your eyes and relax for 15 minutes if it tingles a little that’s normal just put ice cold cotton pads on top and after 15 minutes wash off properly and apply a good eye cream and sleep , ur dark circles will be gone in less than 15 days

      • Hi Isha,

        Pl let me know that do I need to make this mixture afresh every time? Or can i make a tonic and store it in a bottle and use it everyday? Because making something like this everyday would be irksome.
        Awaiitng your response.

        Love Maria

      • everything is already mentioned in the post u lazy bum 😛 , u can store the powder in fridge for 2-3 months but add milk overnight to as much as u need

  35. Hi, I stumbled upon to your page and saw that this ubtan helps with facial hair. My question was how effective is it with facial hair. I have a lot of hair on my face and I also have acne. Is this ubtan suitable for me.

    Thank You

  36. Hi isha.,
    My daughter is 4month old.she ws born v.fair bt because of jaundice I have kept her in dun for long hours due to whicb she has become dark…can I use above ubtan on her..pls suggest??

    • yes u can but pls replace the masoor dal with white bread , it might be too hard for such a lil baby , also dnt worry about her complexion so soon she will recover to her original skintone in a few months

  37. Hi,

    I have two questions …instead if olive oil can I use almond oil as second is this also safe to use on 2 year old child ?


  38. Hi Isha,

    Thanks for such an informative article. My wedding is in December 2014 and I just realized now that I actually have a facial hair problem. So I’ll be starting on the remedy that you provided very soon. However I do have one question to ask. That the general ubtan ingredients include gram flour and turmeric and since both of these are missing from your solution, can you pl tell if they are not really that effective or why this is so? Just asking for my knowledge. 🙂

    • Hey Maria,
      First of all congratulations on your Big Day :),yes gram flour and haldi are general ubtan ingredients but somehow gram flor always gave me tiny bumps and haldi stains my skin , although if it suits u it works wonders, if it doesn’t its a disaster , also the haldi ubtan is for general purpose but this one is a very specific ubtan for getting back to your original complexion and hair removal , u dont need to add anything to it , its TRIED & TESTED

      • Well thanks a lot for such a quick and detailed response Isha. I’m really grateful to you! Will keep up this practice for the next 4 months now and I’ll update you on the results as well! Much love. Cheers! 🙂

  39. Hi, I have been using this recipe for 1 1/2 month now and I have seen no reduction in the amount of hair on my face. I remove it in circular motion after 20 minutes of leaving it on. Am I doing something wrong, or does it take longer for the results to start showing?

    • Hi Maliha,
      Thanks for your response 🙂 , usually the ubtan works really well as I tried it on me and my sister but for hair removal like I mentioned in many previous comments that it also depends on the hair type , is it virgin hair or u get it waxed or threaded ? if its thick coarse hair often the one from a hormonal issue it takes way longer coz it does not magically remove the hair but its a gradual process where first the hair become thinner more skintone and then gradually disappears it might take longer in other cases could be upto 6 months but if u regularly wax or thread it might take longer , also hair growth caused by hormonal imbalances is difficult to get rid with mild natural treatments.although I am trying to find a permanent safe cure myself once i do i ll def. let you know 🙂

      • Thank you for the speedy response. I have gotten it waxed a couple of times, but I don’t have a hormonal problem. Also, when did you start to see the result of fairness. In your picture/video your quite fair was this a result of this ubtan? Thank you again for responding. This ubtan has helped and hopefully it will give me the results I desire.

  40. Hey Maliha,
    This ubtan improves complexion and helps u restore your natural skin tone , ie remove tanning / pigmentation but I am not claiming that it will make u fairer like the fair and lovely ad claims , yes it will improve ur complexion and skin thereby making it having a natural glow and even skin tone , also I have a fair complexion but my sister was almost dark but after using this ubtan for 3 months she became wheatish not because the ubtan changed her from dark to wheatish but because she was born wheatish and the ubtan restored her natural complexion as it was at the time of her birth and most importantly pls love yourself just the way u are thats the fastest way to the natural glow TRIED & TESTED 🙂

    • Sorry it took so long to get back with you. Thank you for your speedy responses. By results desired I meant permanent hair removal. The fairness question was to give me better idea of how the ubtan works removing hyper pigmentation because I suffer greatly with that also.

      Again thank you for this home remedy

  41. Hi Isha,

    My earlier post was regarding the following article:

    For dark circles do this everyday for 15 days
    cucumber juice 1 tsp
    potatoe juice 1 tsp
    honey 3-4 drops
    almond oil 2-3 drops
    vitamin e capsule 1
    green tea cold 6-7 drops
    apply this mixture on your lids and under your eyes and relax for 15 minutes if it tingles a little that’s normal just put ice cold cotton pads on top and after 15 minutes wash off properly and apply a good eye cream and sleep , ur dark circles will be gone in less than 15 days

    I wanted to ask about this eye tonic that do i need to make a fresh mixture everyday or can I make on and store it in a bottle and use it daily?



    • Hi Maria ,
      u can store everything except the potato juice in the fridge for a week , the potato juice needs to be extracted fresh everytime or else it will oxidize and turn black 🙂

  42. hi isha,
    the ubtan you’ve suggested sounds great…i’ve already started using it but there’s one thing i wanna ask u…can we apply ubtan after shaving areas(in my case armpits) because its really difficult to apply and remove ubtan.

  43. Hy Isha Di…. ! I m Anjali from jmu , I m only 17 yrs old girl nd I hve get too hair on my face nd my neck I want to look beautiful so , ples give me some tips to get free frm these hairs on my face as soon as , nd also suggest me what I shud have to do to get long hairs ……

    • Hey Anjali ,
      If the hair are too thick on your face it will take time and patience to go with this ubtan , but you can get your face waxed it’s safe and keep using the ubtan so gradually the hair will become softer , now to grow hair longer faster on your head use the protein pack I have on my website and most importantly LOVE YOURSELF FOR WHO YOU ARE 🙂

  44. Hello Isha, just came across your helpful write up about facial hair problem, thank you for writing such helpful posts. God bless you.I have a 14 year old daughter who has facial hair. I haven not used threading or waxing on her face & do not want to use these. From your replies to several readers I understand that this ubtan will be effective for my child as they are virgin hair. What do you recommend 3 times a week or more for her, for at least 3 months with a lot of patience?

  45. Isha di , u tell me if I hav thick hair on myface , I hav to use wax bt I have get thin hair. So tell me wt shud I hav to do. Frm these thin hairs. And also I get white hair on my head , my grandma told me to use mehandi , nd I had tried bt I m not satisfied frm the colour. Ples tell me any colour which has no sidaffect or something which is gud frm urslf , ples ……ples mere help kr do

    • Hi Anjali , If the hair are thinner on your face this ubtan will surely help you but with patience it might need 3-4 months thrice or 4 times a week consistently , for grey hair I love Casting Creme colors as they are very mild , and you can start drinking wheatgrass juice to turn white hair back to black

  46. Hi di , actually u told me to apply this ubtan to has been free from hair on my face , i use it about 1 month ago but the hairs on my face this time also and i get so much pimples on my face so please tell me what should i have to do

  47. Has any one with thick protruding long black facial hair benefitted? ?
    M really depressed n cnt evn gt laser done cz my skin is too prone to acnes…
    plz help…I hv ebn tred thanka powder and Kusuma oil to no effect….plzzzz help sm1 I m going thru d worst phase

  48. Hi di
    Iam in search of such ubtans I have tried a lot
    But finally I started waxing my upper lip, I just want to ask will this ubtans be workful
    After using wax I mean will it reduce it ????
    Please reply

  49. Hello isha,
    my only concern is that chironji is a bit lumpy due to its natural oils. It cannot be properly grinded as a dry powder as it forms lumps.
    So how is it possible to retain the mixture as a dry powder?

  50. Hii isha … I have a question that after applying this scrub on my babies body for how many minutes I should leave and take her to bath..

  51. Hi Isha, our malishwali after baby oil massage applies mixture of gram and wheat flour paste directly on the oil massaged body of my infant. It has caused to form non removable lumps on the tips of hair all over her body. Looks like an old cloth with lumps all over it. Plz help!

  52. Hi….. m new to this blog and I just wanna know that , can I replace sandalwood powder with turmeric? Pls do reply.

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