Lemon Rose and Sugar scrub for beautiful glowing skin

Hey gorgeous ,

Hope you are treating  yourselves like a princess , so its march and  very dry and windy , specially that time of the year when your skin cries out for extra attention and your lip’s best friend is a good lip balm . Also this is spring time when all the beautiful flowers blossom and so should you .

Rose is rightly called the queen of flowers as its not only beautiful on the outside but can impart its beautiful qualities to your skin too , rose oil is called “women’s oil” for its  antioxidant, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties , it can work wonders specially on aging or tired skin.

Seeing the weather’s demand and nature’s supply I thought why not to make myself a very simple rose scrub that not only exfoliates but also moisturizes and the surprising treat was that it lightens skin too as I added honey in it , known for its skin lightening properties. Sugar because of it grainy texture exfoliates skin really well and lemon juice rich in vitamin c is a magic portion for all skin types , also the moisture from honey balances the acidity of the lime.

Also this scrub smells good enough to eat lol , you will be left with a soft shiny skin that smells amazing more like rose sherbet.

I hope you guys enjoy this DIY Rose scrub and use it not just to improve your overall skin texture and quality but also to feel like a queen . Do let me know your experience of this scrub and how it worked for you , also if you have any beauty secrets of your own or the ones you inherited from your grandmother for this dry weather please share with me too , I would love to try it out.

And most importantly remember , irrespective of how you look or whether you have a flawless skin or not YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL because happy girls are the prettiest girls 😉

So this is how I made this magic portion to keep my skin soft and supple even in this challenging weather.


Fresh red rose petals from 2 full sized roses ( the ones from bouquets will also do )

Juice of 1 lime / lemon

Sugar 1/2 a cup

Honey 4 teaspoons

Tools and storage:

Mortar and pestle or a blender (for grinding everything together )

A tea spoon

1 measuring cup

1 empty jar/bottle ( to store the scrub )

How to make it :

Pick the petals of the roses into the mortar or a blender , squeeze the lemon juice , add sugar white or brown depends upon you , grind everything together , once you achieve a smoothie like consistency add the honey, mix well and fill in the empty clean and dry bottle/jar. Use like any regular scrub using wet hands in circular motion , you can use it on your face , neck , body and feet , make sure you wash off and no residue stays on your skin , finish with toning and a nice moisturizer  to seal in the suppleness.

You can store this scrub in your refrigerator and it goes on for almost 2 weeks , yes the sugar completely dissolves after a while , to regain the graininess you can mix the scrub with some fresh sugar in your palm while scrubbing.

I used a white marble Mortar & Pestle for grinding everything together

Fresh handpicked rose petals

Grinding all the ingredients together till it looks like a smoothie ( rose petals , sugar , honey , lemon )

I used an empty squeezy bottle to store the scrub

 All Done , store in your refrigerator , this scrub goes on for almost 2 weeks 

I would love to know from you what you felt about this quick and easy DIY scrub 🙂


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