Crash Course in being a Fruit Fly

Ok so Why a Fruitfly you ask ? Do you have any idea how awesome the life of a fruitfly is? I mean seriously


1. It parties all its life well basically on fruits with all its friends and then

2. Has an incredible orgy multiplies in seconds

3. Finally says tata to the world , dying on the sweet nectar of its love “The Fruit”.

Over indulgent ? YES but awesome .

I know its very random but if I could have a favorite pest it would be the fruit fly , while savoring a delicious juicy Summer Indian mango and of course fighting my claim with Ms. Fruitfly it got me thinking how awesome would it be if we all had that one privilege that the fruit fly has “a short life span”,what I mean by a short life span is the knowledge and belief that this is the only time available to you .

So here are

5 lessons learnt from a Fruitfly

1. Savor it like there is no tomorrow


Ok I won’t go all Master Oogway on you (kung fu panda reference , if you didn’t know) and I am not even close to living each day that way BUT the days that I do, its awesome ! See I know life isn’t perfect but when we are aware of each moment it kinda acts like a protective shield and you are not so vulnerable to the Drama Queen called life but its difficult to be in the moment all the time and that’s when the second point helps.

2. Find the fruit

Yes the legendary “Follow your passion”, see the fruitfly always finds the fruit ,one moment you’ve all chemical cleaned and room sprayed your home and the next moment there is a fruit partay going in that salad bowl,lesson learnt “Always find the fruit”,the most frustrating part sometimes is when you have yet not discovered your passion but be patient and repeat step 1 , gradually you will.Deep deep down we all know what we love even if its still a cloudy faint faraway concept , you know that you know !

3. Do it or Die trying

PERSISTENCE! isn’t that what the fruitfly is made of you shoo it spray it smash it but it keeps coming back and that is the same audacity that you should have when pursuing a goal , you started your diet and exercising and on day 4 fell sick and slipped? well buckle up and get going again ,you failed at this attempt? well no big deal learn from your mistake and do it right this time , there is always a second chance ,Just Do It (Yes deliberately going all NIKE on you)

4 .Make the move

Let’s accept it the fruitfly does not hesitate a second before approaching  others of it kind needless to say the orgy that follows multiplying into swarms in your kitchen then why do you second guess so much , whether its the connection that you feel with this man or the idea that you have been inspired with for a while when the intuitive nudge comes from within don’t hesitate  just act and take the plunge , least it will move you out of inaction.

5. Shit happens get over it

So the fruitfly gets all high on the fruit and had an orgy , 8 days later has 100,000 kids but its like “Eh,whatever come join the party kids”. See you are only human and bound to make mistakes but the longer you repent the shittier you feel about yourself , sabotaging your self esteem will only make it worse , so shake it off and move on even better find the humor in it.

That’s all for today

Signing off


Aztec Nail Art



So AZTEC has been doing the rounds for quite some time now , it was high time I posted it here .

Now I know that this is a 2012 trend but I wasn’t that fashion literate to understand that trends are time bound , anyways the first time I took notice of this very unique pattern was when I was again overpowered by my split 50’s american self and I could not stop myself from living the era (well mostly coz I was watching The Brady’s Bunch back to back)

Brady-Bunch copy

and there was this episode where The Brady’s visit The Grand Canyon and they encounter a native american boy and later meet his family and they were wearing something not typically Aztec but I really liked the intricacy so here it is


The nail paints that I used for this tutorial

China glaze flip flop fantasy (neon pink)
Colorbar Lime Margarita (light green)
Colorbar #18 Exclusive (dark green)
Colorbar #37 Exclusive (White)
Maybelline COLORAMA Amarelo Sol (yellow)
I mixed the above two to make a pastel creme base
Sally Hansen No more breaks Top coat

If you guys create this pattern then please share your awesomeness with me 🙂



Can you blame me for buying this from

To all Faux vintage lovers out there , no no this is not sarcasm .
Guilty as charged I am one of them but can you blame me ? I mean hasn’t everything suddenly gained more appeal by being even slightly vintage looking ?


And I have just one name to blame the “Pinners” , If your pinterest isn’t flooded with pretty pastely retro chic pictures of rooms and DIY projects and pretty objects , I don’t even know what universe you exist in .

Sadly Vintage items are neither easily accessible nor sometimes affordable specially in India but I say If you cant have a Harry Winston why not marry in a swarowski right?

Anywho so I am always on the lookout for such pretty shabby chic objects and most of my day is spent scavenging the internet for such finds , now I am not gonna lie to you but I never digged Indian ecomm sites that much because honestly I rarely find anything I like so when reached out to me I was like “OK I might end up buying some lipstick or something” but whoa I have to thank the recent avalanche of funding in the Indian online shopping market our ecomm scenario sure looks swell and is easily one of the top contenders.

Now before I get swept off by my A.D.D. and start jabbering about legalizing medicinal marijuana let me tell you a few things that stood out from my shopping experience with .

1. They Understand our sensibilities , I mean look at the visual appeal , neat and classy easily navigable menu.

jabong1 2. Whoever is responsible for vendor selection at does it tastefully, I Love when I find a new affordable brand that I can stalk buy and flaunt like Audrey Hepburn and her Tiffany solitaire , more details of that in an upcoming post , but for now all I can spill is that I was sitting on a needle cushion because almost every category had kickass pieces , all the brands at Jabong have something unique to offer for example check this pretty dainty toe chain anklet , isn’t it pretty and you wanna wear them after a pedicure with some Marilyn Red nails , I know I do , woohoo !


3. There payment process is no non sense and as easy as watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S , you can choose your mode of payment and its all visa secure and everything , so no hassles there , oh and if you din’t already know they have cash on delivery available .

4. Quick responsive service and fast delivery , I got mine the third day all securely packed and pretty in a bubble wrap and jabong wrapper.

So before you dive into the endless ocean of online shopping make sure you check BTW did you know they are currently having a huge SALE !

Princess Love

Mwah !


Thank you

Hey Gorgeous,

Today’s post is just to thank you for such an awesome response to my blog , today i cross 55,000 hits and trust me when i started this blog i had never imagined this number so soon , i feel so accomplished and happy today , motivates me to be more regular .

Thank you
Princess Love

Vintage inspired R O S E nailart

My obsession with the 1950’s floral wallpapers inspired me to create this cute vintage rose nail art , the best part is that its super easy !

Products Used :

Nailpolish / nailpaint
China glaze flip flop fantasy (neon pink)
Revlon pretty in papaya (hot pink)
Colorbar Lime Margarita (light green)
Colorbar #18 Exclusive (dark green)
Colorbar #37 Exclusive (White)
Maybelline COLORAMA Amarelo Sol (yellow)
I mixed the above two to make a pastel creme base
Sally Hansen No more breaks Top coat

Hairmask to prevent HAIRFALL

Hey gorgeous,

So the cold weather has been a Biatchh lately , striping my hair of moisture making it coarse and finally resulting in hairfall , now I am not going to lie to you but I was extremely skeptical trying out this mask as i had tried like a hundred DIY recipes that dint work that well , but as i had all the ingredients lying in my refrigerator i thought what the heck let me try and to my surprise the results were phenomenal , i dint even get one strand of hair in my brush and my naturally curly hair became so soft and defined not to forget the crown area was absolutely frizz free , I LOVE how this mask makes love to my hair and i will make sure they make love pretty often hehehe.

Love my hair <3

Love my hair ❤

nautanki copy

Princess Love